The Experiment Has Begun

Twelve student prodigies...
One national science fair...
No chance of survival...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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This comic you are about to read was based on a screenplay co-created by Trent Becket and myself (Geoff Weber) back in late 2005). In September of 2006, I decided to turn it into a graphic novel, thinking I could crank it out relatively quickly, if I kept the art fast and loose. This held true for the first 24 pages (issue 1) until I started to lose focus and production came to a halt. Then in August of 2007, the unthinkable happened; Trent killed himself (a week after my first child was born). My life became a manic whirlwind of grief, joy, chaos, and exhaustion from which I've never truly been able to emerge. In January of 2008, I decided to continue working on The Scientists as a tribute to Trent. Progress came in fits and starts, (sometimes stopping for years at a time), while I earned my Master's degree, switched careers, and expanded my family (I now have 4 boys ages 1,3,5,& 9). Having this project hanging over me half-finished for so many years has weighed heavy on me. As I write this (October 2016), I am making the final push to finish it once and for all. The art style has evolved (inevitable over the course of a 10-year project). This has been a long, difficult, and painful process. I have felt Trent's absence every single day. I used to live for his words of encouragement and feeding off of his excitement was one of my greatest sources of creative energy and motivation. Without that to drive me, carrying on has been act of will, (and stubbornness).

I would like to thank a few people. First and foremost, Sharon and Hartsel Beckett for giving me their blessing to make this book and sending me a copy of the script (I had lost access to my copy after Trent's death). To my wife and kids for always being excited to see me when I come home and for putting up with all the hours I spent scribbling away at this. To my parents for their unconditional love and support. To Ryan Rouse and Hoberto Morales for taking the time to review my work and offer their feedback. To Larry Marder, a comic book hero of mine, for offering the suggestion that hand lettering would better suit my art style. To David McAdoo for inspiring me to finish my draft before I worked on the final art. To Joseph Game and Mark Mariano for their words of encouragement early on.

And now, on with the comic book...

This is not the real cover, but a mock up cover I made for a preview version of the comic. If the comic were being serialized as opposed to a graphic novel, I suppose this would have been "issue 1"

And page 1... its just a title page, but its also a location establishing shot.

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