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One national science fair...
No chance of survival...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ill Noir part 2

This is the most significant chapter in the Ill Noir series in regards to the role it played in inspiring Trent to pitch me on creating The Scientists with him.

After seeing this video, Trent wrote me this message:

A Pitch for Geoff (I mean that in the gay way)

Mr. Geoff, I propose we write a screenplay. The worlds greatest scientists are abducted and being held captive.
I'm thinking.... maybe they just meet at some hotel in the midwest? We COULD do something fun like the arctic. A bit James Bondish and cliche. Hmmmm.

Main setting though is... strange compound (think Ryan's movie). They wake up. Are they underground? In space? Is this in their heads?

So here are some possible initial impressions of the characters (which we'll twist later to flesh).....

-I'm ripping a bit from Dan Brown, but how about a scientist who is also incredibly religious or something like that? A priest scientist.

-The quiet scientist who never talks. The one who people think is the smartest. When he talks, he's right. The kinda guy they ask question and he just kinda stares... then walks off.

-A scientist assistant (came in place of his boss). Really young. Arrogant. Perhaps we discover he is posing as his boss halfway through. Dunno.

-A neurotic scientist who think they're all gonna die.

-The old guy. Government connected. Detached from practical science. All textbook. Foreign? Nobel Prize winner? OLD science.

-Woman scientist. Yep. That's her whole character.

Now that I think about it, they should each have an area of expertise.

Geneticist / DNA - young/arrogant guy
Astronomist / Meteorologist - religious guy
Physics - old science guy
Environmentalist /Eco-scientist / Geologist - the woman of course
Mathemetician - quiet genius guy
Seismologist - nervous guy

Perhaps a scientist who can spell. And I won't play him.

and a host of no-names who die instantly.

My response to Trent:

I was thinking that this could very quickly become a movie we've all seen before, but if we want to make it really unique, do it with kids...

These are all kids who have won their science fairs and are geniuses in their various fields, they're on a bus to the international championship, when the bus disappears... so all the parents are looking for them. The kids wake up in this strange fortress/lab... and have to figure out a way out past all the science based traps and puzzles... [some discussions of plot twist ideas have been edited out to preserve the surprises for my faithful and nonexistant readers]


Ryan Rouse said...

What can I say, I inspire greatness in others.

Geo said...

Indeed you do!